What Should I Expect During my Initial Consultation with Dr Wu?

What Should I Expect During my Initial Consultation with Dr Wu?

Having to undergo a surgical procedure can be a little scary, so our team at Advanced Surgery and Wellness work to create a patient experience that’s personalized and as stress-free as possible, beginning with your initial consultation. Here is an overview of what you can expect during your first meeting with Dr. Wu.

Scheduling Your Appointment

The experience begins when you schedule your initial consultation. Scheduling is handled by our front office team, which means you won’t have to deal with an out-sourced call center when you make your appointment. The friendly team that answers the phone when you call will be here to greet you at the front desk when you arrive for your appointment.

Our office is conveniently located off of Randall Road in Elgin, IL. We have ample free parking and our office is handicap accessible. If you have any trouble locating our office, please call (847) 406-1007 and our staff will be happy to assist.

Patient Registration Form

Before your appointment we ask that you complete new patient forms. You will have the option of printing and completing the New Patient Registration form and HIPPA Privacy Notice prior to your appointment or completing them in our office before your appointment. In addition to our registration forms, we ask that you also bring along any referral letters, tests, or reports that might help us understand your medical history.

When You Arrive

Our front office team will greet you, get you checked in, and may provide you with additional information depending on the type of your consultation. Our office also offers light beverages and snacks to enjoy while you wait.

Your Medical History

Before you meet with Dr. Wu, a member of our nurse team or one of our medical assistants will bring you to the consult room to discuss your medical history, measure and record your vital signs and review what you’d like to discuss with Dr Wu.

Meeting with Dr. Wu

In the consultation, Dr. Wu may have questions about your current physical condition and your medical history. Dr. Wu will walk you through the entire surgical process as well as the expected outcomes, risks, and recovery period. If there are options for your surgical procedure, Dr. Wu and our team will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. During your consult, feel free to ask any questions you have. Dr. Wu wants to address all of your concerns and make sure you understand and are comfortable with the information you’re receiving.

How long after a consultation is surgery

The length of time between initial consultation and surgery can vary depending on a variety of factors, but surgery often takes place 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation. If the situation is more urgent, it may happen sooner. The time period between consult and surgery gives the patient an opportunity to make any necessary preparations, such as getting time off work, making childcare arrangements, or making plans for a recovery period.

Think about bringing a family member or friend

You might choose to ask someone to accompany you to the consultation. Sometimes it can be difficult to take in all the information during the initial meeting, and having a second set of ears present can be helpful when you need to recall certain details about the procedures. And a little extra support never hurts. Whether you bring someone or come alone, if you do have questions after the consultation, you can always call our office and someone on our friendly team will get the answers for you.

Dr. Wu and our entire team believe that patient education is critical to a successful surgery and recovery. That’s why we’re willing to take our time and clearly understand your medical condition and explain the various treatment options available and outline the recommended surgical procedure. Your health and quality of surgical care are our top priorities.

We look forward to serving you and appreciate your choosing Advanced Surgery & Wellness for your healthcare needs.

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